Saturday, October 1, 2011

Road to 2011 Portuguese Beginners Championship - Delicious Breakfast

 A nutritionally rich and flavorful breakfast.

-» 100g Oatmeal
-» 40g Chocolate Whey Protein
-» 300ml Water

 After mixing the ingredients cook for a few minutes...

You will get a tasty breakfast!!!


  1. Thank you! ;) It's really tasty and nutritious.

  2. como é que fazes isso? tem mesmo bom aspecto e gostava de experimentar

  3. Hey Gonçalo,

    After mixing the ingredients put those in the oven for a few minutes and continue mixing that until you see that the folder is getting a more solid. You can also use the microwave as alternative but I don't know exactly the time, so you have to control it.

    Enjoy buddy! ;)