Sunday, October 30, 2011

Road to 2011 Portuguese Beginners Championship - 3,5 Weeks Out

Hey everybody,

26 days to the contest and I visualize the moment everyday!

I am constantly thinking that in the day of the contest I have to be absolutely sure that did everything I could. I am convict that all discipline, hard work, pain and sweat will be worth it.

I'm learning a lot from all this preparation, everyday new lessons, it's something amazing.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be with two of the people who have supported me so far, I refer to my coach Filipe Correia and Pedro Andrade. I feel it my duty to thank you for everything! I have immense respect for you guys.

I will continue my journey to the Portuguese Junior Championship! Each day I feel more passion for bodybuilding.

Train hard and stay healthy!
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